Is your business team balanced & optimized for high performance?

People often talk about a team’s “chemistry” in the sports world or in business. They will say a team has good chemistry when the team gets along and they execute well together, often leading to heightened success. The opposite for teams with bad chemistry. Think about it, when was the last time you heard about a team with bad chemistry winning a sports championship?

If good chemistry is so important, why don’t we proactively try to create teams with good chemistry?  Well, good team chemistry is somewhat similar to an individual’s intangibles — we don’t necessarily know how to define it but we know it when we see it. What if you actually could define, measure & visualize team chemistry? Would that change how sports and business teams are put together?

The Right Profile makes it possible to purposely build teams with good chemistry.

We scientifically measure the mental make-up and individual-types that make up your organization and team(s). With this understanding, we can help you proactively build higher performing teams based upon make-up of individuals and team needs.

The Right Profile’s Team Builder module for professional firms and businesses provides the ability to:

  • Visualize the mental makeup of individuals and teams
  • Identify and address shortcomings in team mental makeup
  • Identify individuals that are a “good fit” addition to the team



Combined mental makeup shows your overall team mindset.

The Right Profile’s Team Builder is an exceptional way to see mental strengths and shortcomings for the team as a whole.

Contact us to see your team’s mental makeup.