Professional Services Firms


The importance of talent at professional services firms cannot be overstated.  It is the “supply” of what is “sold” to meet client demands.  A firm’s talent is synonymous with the quality and capabilities of a firm.  Firms are not selling a product or service that can be produced by a fungible group of people. All professional services firms suffer from high-cost turnover and significant disruption of teams (and for clients) when people leave.  We can help.

For professional services firms, our solution allows you to systematically predict whether hiring candidates will be successful and culturally fit with your particular firm leading to more successful hires, improved retention, higher employee satisfaction and increased firm profits.


The Sheffield Assessment and our talent analytics engine help you:


trp-number1Hire smarter 


trp-number2Develop your people


trp-number3Build high performance project teams



When you build your own talent factory, you create a permanent competitive advantage.

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