Cultural DNA

“You cannot see it, touch it, smell it, taste it, or hear it, but it’s there…It pervades all aspects of organizational life, and it has a profound impact on organizational success—or failure.”

Corporate Culture: Ultimate Strategic Asset, Eric Flamholtz and Yvonne Randle

The quote is of course talking about an organization’s culture, or “Cultural DNA”  as we refer to it.  An organization’s Cultural DNA is a set of values and behaviors — the character and norms of the organization’s employees & management — in the way they deal with each other, and in the style by which they transact with customers and other stakeholders outside of itself.

The Right Profile is a game changer for culture-driven organizations.  Our cultural assessment first measures all the key traits, characteristics and values that make up your organization’s culture and then we run the results through our proprietary predictive analytics engine.  In this analysis, we gain an understanding of the make-up of your organization’s various departments and job roles as well as the types of individuals that fit and perform well and those that do not.  Finally, we leverage your Cultural DNA in myriad ways making it actionable via our online console to assist with:

  • Predictive Hiring – evaluate an individual’s compatibility and propensity for success with your organization or specified job role

  • Coaching & Mentoring – customized reports & techniques for each employee

  • Individual Development – customized reports and guides for self-understanding, development and navigating work situations

  • Team Building – Build higher performing teams based upon mental make-up of individuals and team needs