Beware of Superchickens at your Law Firm

I was driving this past weekend and sitting in traffic when the TED Radio Hour started on Chicago Public Radio.  The first segment was fascinating and is very enlightening when considering law firm culture, or any business for that matter, and firm growth through lateral hiring of “stars”.  I have included the link to the show at the bottom of this post, and it is definitely worth your time.  Although I'm highlighting the first link, Margaret Heffernan - Is The Professional Pecking Order Doing More Harm Than Good, the entire hour is useful for anyone who runs a business or recruits and develops top talent. A quick spoiler alert – I am going to give away the results of the study referenced in the first segment, so go listen at the link below if you want to hear the set-up first.  So here’s the study in a nutshell.  William Muir, a professor of Animal Sciences at Purdue University studied the productivity of chickens.  Although that may sound odd, productivity is easy to measure in chickens since you just need to count eggs.  Muir wanted to know what could make chickens more productive, so he devised an experiment. Chickens live in groups, so he first selected an average flock, and he let progress as it normally would for six generations. That was the control group.  He also created a second group comprised of the most productive chickens he could find (our superchickens) and he then assembled them in a superflock.  For [...]