The Champion’s Assessment

Identify the most important performance traits for your business team or next hire

How it Works

  • Employees take the 40 minute Champion’s assessment online
  • Team leaders rate employees on a 3-2-1 star system
  • The Right Profile’s Talent Analytics Engine identifies the underlying performance traits
  • Potential new hires take the assessment
  • Potential new hires are automatically rated based on the performance traits preferred by team leaders
  • Employees and team leaders receive separate reports for personal and team development


The increasing importance of hiring well and retaining talent cannot be overstated. Talent is perhaps the only remaining sustainable competitive advantage in the globalized economy where access to capital seems limitless and the speed of change and innovation relentless.

Hiring mistakes are expensive

The Harvard Business Review estimates that 80% of employee turnover stems from bad hiring decisions. There is a wide range of the cost of each bad hire due to the many variables involved including salary, benefits, recruiting fees, training fees and lost opportunity cost. A study by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), found that each hiring mistake could cost up to five times the bad hire’s annual salary. A rule of thumb used by many recruiters and HR professionals is that each bad hire costs a company 2.5x the salary of the individual lost. Thus, a bad hire earning $100,000 will overall cost the company approximately $250,000.

The Right Profile can help you greatly reduce or even eliminate hiring mistakes

How? Our Champion’s Assessment for business will allow you to scientifically and systematically predict whether hiring candidates will fit well and be successful in your particular industry, organization or specific job role leading to more successful hires, improved retention, higher employee satisfaction and increased profits.

The Right Profile’s talent analytics engine can help you:


Hire smarter


Develop your people


Build high performance, championship teams

When you build your own talent factory, you create a permanent competitive advantage.

The Right Profile is presently working with a few select corporations and organizations to help us test and further build out our Champion’s Assessment for businesses. If you would like to speak with us about how your organization might be able to work with us pre-launch, please contact us: