Baseball, Data and the Unhappy Attorney

Baseball, Data and the Unhappy Attorney I was an unhappy attorney – unhappy enough in my first law firm job that I was looking for an exit even before I found out that I passed the bar exam.  The road to being a “recovering attorney” has taken me through a number of careers in and around the legal industry, and each has made me far happier than my first law firm experience long ago. There are a lot of unhappy attorneys and the numbers grow every year.  That said, there is hope for reversing this trend.   Although many of you might disagree with me, there are a lot of happy attorneys.   Thanks to the data from 2000+ lawyers who took part in The Right Profile’s Attorney Trait Study, we actually understand the many profiles of happiness across 26 different practice areas and 12 practice settings. The reason that this is important is that we can now use this data to help attorneys, law students and even prospective law students find their best career fit without the painful, gut-wrenching stumble that often takes attorneys through multiple firms or even out of law altogether.  The lack of guidance that prevents many from finding their proper fit in law also keeps many attorneys in law much longer than they would like to be (and much unhappier with their lives overall) as ever increasing tuition bills drive decisions to stay in a law firm role as long as possible to help pay down [...]

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