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TAP 360 System Chosen As ‘Best In Show’ at 2015 American Baseball Coaches Convention

Now in its 16th year, the Best of Show awards from Collegiate Baseball highlight the most innovative products at the recent American Baseball Coaches Association convention trade show in Orlando.  From more than 275 exhibitors and 61 nominations, the judges chose The Right Profile’s TAP 360 System along with just eleven other recipients as the top new baseball products of 2014!  

Article from January 23, 2015 issue of Collegiate Baseball Newspaper.Tap-360-System-Best-in-Show

TAP 360 System

The TAP 360 system utilizes the time-proven TAP (Troutwine Athletic Profile) assessment of athletes’ mental makeup, a patent pending analytics engine and the latest technology to deliver a complete system for evaluating, coaching and developing the mental intangibles relating to athletic performance.

The test only takes 20 minutes but reveals vital information to coaches such as:
������������������� Mental toughness
• Competitive desire
• Work habits
• Mental processing speed
����������� Coachability

A predictive analytics are based on historical TAP MLB scouting database and customizable team input including:
• Overall TAP grade
������� Team matching – lists players on team, alumni and staff with most similar mental makeup
������������� Athlete type matching

Beyond the Evaluation Report, you also receive a TAP Coach Report which provides a customized guided narrative and tips for effectively coaching the athlete based on his unique mental makeup.

In addition, there is a TAP Parent/ Mentor Report which provides tips for effectively parenting/mentoring the athlete based on his unique mental makeup. There also is a team analytics area which provides an overview of a team’s mental makeup and intangibles to compare to peers, track trends and identify areas of improvement.

Dr. Troutwine created the TAP and has continued to track and revise it while consulting with NFL and MLB teams over the past 20 years. The latest revision was in 2013.

In 2014, Dr. Troutwine cofounded The Right Profile with predictive analytics entrepreneurs Rob Pike, Mark Levin and Sterling Bates, combining TAP with predictive analytics technology and a talent development platform to develop the ground-breaking TAP 360 System.

TAP 360 Starter provides an online console and basic reports on team athletes at no cost. The coach then has the ability to earn credits for the premium reports through activity milestones and referrals to other coaches and report purchases by parents.

The TAP 360 System subscription is the paid version and provides unlimited assessment of team prospects, players, alumni players and staff and access to the system. Annual pricing varies. A high school team may pay $1,500 for an annual subscription while an NCAA Division I school will pay $5,000 and an NCAA Division 3 school $2,000.

For more information, go to

Anyone can go to and perform the TAP assessment for free. Upon completion, one will receive the TAP Athlete Type report. There is also a white paper explaining the TAP Athlete types at: