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The Right Profile is built on a few core principles:

  • A great team can always accomplish more than a great individual

  • Everyone should have a chance to work on a championship team that they love

These simple principles mask the complexity of what we do for our clients. Our customers see an element of magic in what we do and the insights that we can provide.  The Right Profile uses people-centric science, proprietary psychometric assessments and patent-pending predictive analytics to help individuals and teams reach their full potential.

Our easy-to-understand reports help companies see past simple, tangible metrics (the school that a candidate attended, GPA, etc.) to understand the intangibles (drive, coachability, persistence, teamwork, etc.).  General Managers, C-Suite executives, professional development and human resource professionals all use our tools to evaluate candidates for fit with an organization, deploy an individual on various teams where they will make the most impact and develop talent in a way that allows an individual to grow at their own pace and keep them engaged in the organization.

We have taken our methodologies and lessons learned from the ultra-competitive world of professional sports, and applied them to the business world where we help our business clients make better hiring & management decisions.  As a result, our clients see reduced turnover, increased organizational effectiveness and increased profitability.

Although our first talent evaluation service focuses on the legal profession, we are also creating evaluations for finance, engineering/technology, medicine and education.  Our first career guidance tool is also currently available at attorneyassessment.com, and will help aspiring attorneys understand if law might be a good fit for their individual mental makeup, and if so, what practice areas and settings might be best for them.

Although The Right Profile is known for its role as a leader talent evaluation and development systems, technology is at the core of our services.  Our software services include:

  • Deep system integration engineering (stats, psychology, algorithms, business applications, reporting, interfaces)
  • Full SaaS, including cloud-based management, servers in the cloud, auto scale, browser-based application

The Right Profile is privately held and is headquartered in Orlando, FL.


sterling_bates1Sterling Bates is a co-founder and serves as Chief Technology & Product Officer of The Right Profile, LLC.  Sterling is responsible for the company’s technology & product vision, including software development and support.  Sterling’s unique background in technology, mathematics & psychological types provides the ideal background to lead the management and continued development of our people analytics engine and cloud-based application.

Prior to The Right Profile, Sterling worked for Disney in information technology where he created an early niche in business intelligence developing company reporting strategies and executive dashboards.  Sterling started out as the first member of a department that under his leadership grew to a team of 15.  While working on numerous corporate technical projects, Sterling became convinced that the reasons many projects failed was not because of the technology used, but because the people involved in the project had not been properly understood.  Sterling then developed a keen interest in organizational and social psychology, and after becoming certified in psychological exams and becoming a member of SHRM, worked with human resources and organizational development at Disney.  Seeking to do more, he then went to work with Disney marketing to help them better understand the integration of marketing metrics, psychology, psychographics, strategies and corporate partnerships.

After Disney, Sterling independently performed strategic consulting with emerging technology companies, Fortune 50 companies and federal agencies on the intersection between Psychometrics and Marketing, Organizational Development and Leadership Strategy.  This consulting practice led Sterling to form Step Research, Inc. as a Benefit Corporation (a combination between profit generation and non-profit goals) working further in the same subjects.

Sterling frequently presents at business and professional conferences on how technology, hiring, sales and marketing relate to psychological types.  He serves on the Board of Directors for the Association of Psychological Type International, a global professional organization of psychological type researchers, consultants, coaches and leadership trainers.

Sterling received a BS in General Studies with concentrations in Mathematics, Minority Studies & Physical Education from Wichita State University.  He has also done significant coursework toward multiple masters degrees in Computer Science, Business Administration and Psychology, but ultimately left Stanford and his Graduate Teaching Assistant position to join Disney.

Mark Levin has made a career of helping businesses find and fully exploit growth opportunities while reducing pain points and shedding unnecessary practices and procedures. Mark has a knack for quickly breaking down a business to its component parts and then reimagining and rebuilding it in ways that provide greater efficiency and new opportunities. In this manner, Mark has built numerous multi-million dollar businesses within multiple companies, and his steadfast dedication to customer research has helped create many market leading products and services. Through it all, Mark has amassed an extensive background in strategy, marketing, communications, acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and product development from ideation through launch.

Mark’s work with The Right Profile focuses on helping teams reach their fullest potential, and helping law firms reduce the human and monetary cost in their hiring processes. Mark’s experience in the legal industry – nearly twenty years in roles ranging from full-time practice to managing the business of a law firm to coaching business development strategies for firms and attorneys – has given him deep insight into the problems facing professional services firms and the professionals that work there. In fact, Mark has also been a frequent speaker at legal industry conferences, helping law firm leaders think through future state possibilities for their firms and the industry.

Mark received his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, with majors in Marketing, Management & Strategy and Media Management. Mark also received his JD from Chicago-Kent College of Law and his BA from Northwestern University. In his limited free time, Mark can be found sailing, skiing or listening to live music.

Gene-Bellotti-headshot-jsGene Bellotti has over 30 years of experience developing and executing marketing campaigns to launch emerging businesses and their products, and has worked with over 60 high technology companies as a business consultant and marketer.  Gene excels at marketing strategy and communications for startup companies, and has helped numerous companies grow from startup to $50+ million in sales.  He has a knack for moving businesses to the next level: new markets, product line extensions, online presence, acquisition or IPO.

Gene has an MBA in Management and Organizational Behavior from Babson College and an Ed.M with a concentration in Counseling and Consulting Psychology from Harvard University.  He incorporates his educational background in organizational behavior and psychology into his pursuit of helping others identify and understanding behavior patterns.

An entrepreneur for most of his career, Gene is also a founding partner at Step Research Corp. developing new ways to introduce behavior patterns and differences to people online.  In his spare time Gene serves on the Board of Directors for the Association of Psychological Type International , a global organization of MBTI consultants, coaches and leadership trainers, he golfs when he can, and plays guitar in a blues band.