Sample Clients including current Super Bowl and World Series Champions

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The Right Profile’s talent analytics engine can help you:


Hire smarter 


Develop your people


Build high performance, championship teams

Why Use The Right Profile’s People Analytics?

Reduce expensive
hiring mistakes

Hiring mistakes for high-value people are expensive in many ways – costing you time, money, and lost opportunities.

Instead, identify and hire people that are scientifically predicted to succeed, exactly like teams that hire multi-million dollar players.

Retain your most
valuable talent

If you hire the right people, they are more likely to stay with your organization longer and perform well.

Using our development and mentoring tools increases that likelihood further by giving managers unprecedented insight into critical performance traits.

Win More

When you have the right people on the team, and they are performing at 100%, and they are in the right position, the benefits are measured exponentially.

NFL® teams that have used our team analytics system have a 70% win ratio over 10 years vs 43% for teams that don’t assess players. Win more like the pros.

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