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Identify the intangibles you can’t see that determine performance and predict success.


Sample of Mindset Indicators

Pragmatic, realistic, efficient.

Planner, details, prepared.

Confident, in control, optimistic view.

High mental stamina, determined, resolve, hangs tough.

Strong vocabulary and verbal reasoning. Good communication skills.


Strong quantitative reasoning.

Smart, learns quickly, good problem solver.

Disciplined on a daily basis.

Desire to be with people, belong to group.

Decisive, not afraid to make a mistake, does not second guess. May need help knowing when to be cautious.

Often comes across uninhibited. May need help developing appropriate caution.

Methods tend to be impractical; may need help being more efficient, like finding effective shortcuts


Loses things, needs help keeping track of time and things, would benefit from structure.


Needs to be pushed or encouraged, low intrinsic motivation for success alone; primary motivation is something other than winning and it may help connecting their motivation to the team’s success. Use rewards when trying to motivate them.

Who identifies performance traits in high-value talent?

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