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Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals who TAP their talent, from The Right Profile!

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, the right talent is what sets organizations apart.


Your current hiring practices are costing you money – MILLIONS of dollars, by most accounts.

At The Right Profile, we help professional sports teams make better decisions on which multi-million dollar athletes they want to bring in to their organizations.  We also help coaches better understand their players so that the team can get the most out of its athletes.  This is the high stakes hiring environment in which we excel, and where our NFL®, NBA® and MLB® clients trust our assessment and recommendations.

Athlete Assessment and Development

Football - NFL - Super Bowl XXXIXThe Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP) has been used by leading organizations in the NFL®, MLB®, NBA® as well as US Military Special Forces for more than 20 years to better understand athletes and how best to coach them.  The TAP assessment has been taken by almost every athlete invited to the NFL® Combine since the 1990s. 

Today our ground-breaking TAP 360 system is used by winning teams for evaluating and coaching athletes for optimal performance based upon their unique mental makeup.

Attorney Trait Assessment


Introducing the legal industry’s first trait assessment tool purpose-built for lawyers, the Sheffield Legal Assessment

We are currently conducting the largest online attorney trait assessment study that has ever been administered.  You can learn more about the study, and take part, at

So how do law and professional sports tie together?

They both have incredibly complex and costly hiring models.  Even one or two mistakes cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.  If you use the statistics for costs to hire and annual attrition rates, the total costs of hiring and attrition for the AmLaw 250 firms exceeds $900 million, and costs for a 400 attorney firm are roughly $12 million to $15 million annually.  So, if you manage a law firm, work in attorney development or business development for the firm, we have a few million reason that you should give us a call.